Turnkey Fundraising Campaign Management

Achieve your organization’s fundraising goals with 1024 Marketing’s Turnkey Fundraising Campaign Management.



– Transparent percentage-based pricing
– No initial or out-of-pocket costs
– Three simple plans to choose from, tailored for your needs
– Experienced fundraising team
– Cutting edge tools

What Does the Turnkey FCM Program Do For You?

– Customizes Your Fundraising Campaign

– Optimizes Your Fundraising Strategies

– Creates and Hosts Landing Pages and Campaign Tools

– Facilitates and Manages Your Campaign

– Provides Quarterly, On-Demand, and Campaign-End Reporting

– Manages and Disburses Funds

– Manages Website and Social Media Fundraising Components (with The Plus Campaign)

– Manages Paid Advertising and Promotions (with The Enhanced Campaign)

What Does the Turnkey FCM Program Cost?

1024 Marketing charges a flat fee (percentage) automatically deducted from funds raised, so you won’t ever have to make any out-of-pocket payments for the Turnkey FCM Program

(Except in The Enhanced Program if there are advertising costs, those costs are paid out-of-pocket by the client)

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